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The world of benefits is getting increasingly more complicated. At FBMC we understand these challenges and leverage our carrier relationships to provide the best products for your workforce. 


Our dedicated FBMC benefits consultant team is here to help you analyze the goals of your organization and the demographics of your workforce. We will guide you through the challenges of creating a comprehensive benefits package that maximizes our product offerings so your employees get a full range of coverage.

We stay abreast of the latest benefits products to provide the best solutions in a constantly evolving industry. Our core and voluntary products currently include:

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Health & Welfare
Staying current with rules and regulations is overwhelming and time consuming. Your business’ obligations include HR responsibilities, administering Benefits Plan offerings, controlling escalating insurance costs, educating employees, and providing timely communications. Our team uses innovative approaches to reduce the cost of services for healthcare, which results in the most cost effective health plans for your employees. Learn more
Products icon Dental
Good health begins in your mouth. Everything from diabetes to cancer to heart disease and more can manifest as symptoms in your mouth. Dental Insurance pays for regular dental checkups and cleanings. It also makes treatment for cavities, root canals and other conditions more affordable.
Products icon Vision
Taking care of your eyes is important in preserving your vision. Eye exams not only find vision problems and eye diseases, but also can reveal other health problems such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and HIV. Vision Insurance helps pay for eye exams, glasses and contact lenses. Some coverage can help you pay for expensive procedures, such as LASIK or PRK surgeries.
Products icon Disability
If you become unable to work, Disability Insurance plans make sure you continue to be paid. If you break your leg and need bed rest, a Short-Term Disability plan will usually cover a portion of your salary for about three to six months. If something more catastrophic happens, Long-Term Disability plans will cover you for a longer period of time and will kick in after the Short-Term Disability plan benefit has been exhausted.
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Be prepared for the unexpected. Accident Insurance can help you pay medical and out-of-pocket costs that can add up after an accidental injury. It can help with co-pays, deductibles, emergency treatment, hospital stays and other expenses you may face, such as transportation and lodging needs. All benefits are paid in a lump sum directly to you, which allows you to determine how to spend the money.
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Cancer/Critical Illness
Treatment for cancer or other critical illness can be financially devastating even if you have basic Medical Insurance. Cancer/Critical Illness Insurance provides a lump-sum, tax-free payment should you suffer from certain critical conditions. The top critical illnesses are cancer, heart attack and stroke. The cash can be used to pay deductibles, out-of-pocket costs, your mortgage and other bills, travel expenses and more.
Products icon Telemedicine
Telemedicine services, which allow doctors to treat patients via video chat/webcam, phone or email, are gaining acceptance among consumers and insurance companies. Telemedicine allows those who live in rural areas quicker access to medical care and allows patients a cost-effective way to get treatment for nonemergency conditions. Telemedicine can help lower your out-of-pocket healthcare costs if your health insurance doesn’t cover or only partially covers telemedicine visits.
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Credit Monitoring
Credit Monitoring services keep watch on your credit report and can help to preserve the health of your credit score and alert you to fraudulent activity such as identity theft. They periodically review your credit reports for accuracy and notify you if changes indicate possible fraudulent activity, such as a new account being opened in your name or a new address associated with you being added.
Products icon Hospital
Unexpected hospital stays can mean lost time and lost income, which makes it hard to keep up with bills and things at home. Hospital Income Insurance is a supplemental plan that pays you a set amount – per day, per week, per month, or per visit –when you’re in the hospital so you can rest easier. It’s not tied to specific services but rather pays you upon the occurrence of certain events so the money can be used however you need to use it.
Products icon ID Theft
Identity Theft Protection
Identity theft is an increasing problem. Once they get a few details, it doesn’t take thieves long to cause you big headaches. Identity Theft Protection Insurance won’t replace your stolen money; however, it will help ease the headaches involved in reclaiming your good name and repairing damage to your credit. It may cover expenses such as phone bills, travel expenses, lost wages, notary and certified mailing costs and attorney fees.
Products icon Legal
Most of us will need a lawyer at some point: real estate transactions, wills, estate planning, marital issues and more. Legal Insurance lets you save time and avoid expensive hourly legal fees and retainers by having a lawyer “on call” when you need one. You won’t owe co-payments or deductibles and may receive discounts on non-covered services.
Products icon Life
You can protect the people who depend on you financially with Life Insurance. In exchange for premium payments, the insurance company provides a lump-sum payment to your beneficiaries after you die. Term Life Insurance offers death benefit payment only; no cash value builds up within the policy. It’s purchased for a certain length of time, such as 10 or 20 years. Permanent Life Insurance coverage offers death benefit protection and builds cash value. Unlike term coverage, it’s intended to last for the remainder of the insured’s life. The cash value from permanent insurance policies can be used to increase the death benefit, to borrow against for some later use or to keep the policy in effect so that you can stop paying monthly premiums.

We take a ‘client first’ attitude when matching provider companies and products with your needs, and with our benefits consulting expertise, you always will be empowered to make the most informed decisions for your organization.


Our brokers meet with you to identify the best products for your organization and create innovative plan designs that best meet the needs of your unique workforce. We then leverage our relationships with providers to ensure you are getting the best value for your workforce.
We work with you to discuss opportunities for cost savings. For instance, by increasing voluntary benefits to cover what primary insurance doesn’t you can reduce costs for your organization’s participants. Wellness programs with incentives are also a great way to keep your  workforce healthy. FBMC can offer a multitude of options to help reduce the cost of staying healthy.
We work directly with providers to negotiate renewals of existing products or solicit new product quotes. We also work to secure favorable underwriting guidelines for the benefits we broker, and develop and execute RFPs for specially requested products.
We consistently monitor your plan information and ensure it is in compliance with all contracts and policies. If you have any concerns or questions about your agreements, we work with the carriers to ensure your agreements are being followed to a ‘T’.


Our relationships with quality carriers are key to our ability to provide comprehensive, flexible benefits and cost-savings opportunities. Some of our partners include:


customizable employee benefits management & consulting
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We work for you to secure a wide variety of core and voluntary benefits that reflect the needs of your diverse workforce.

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We craft custom communications campaigns to ensure your workforce can make educated decisions regarding their benefits.

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We handle complex administrative tasks like Premium Remittances and Direct Billing for you, and ensure you stay in compliance with the latest legislative and ACA regulations.

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We oversee the smooth implementation of processes like your Open Enrollment and Dependent Verification Audits from start to finish.